What We Do

Since 1960 M&M Auto Parts has been a proud family owned and operated recycler of the most recycled consumer product in the United States with over 50 acres and 205,000 square feet of warehouse space.

As an automotive recycler we are proud to offer top quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products to end users and repair facilities at a substantial savings over the cost of new.

Automotive Recycling is the 16th largest industry in the US and it is estimated that over 4 million motor vehicles are recycled every year and we reuse approximately 74% of a motor vehicle by weight.  That is a full 14% more than the estimated recycle rate for aluminum cans.

Who We Are

As an EPA approved and regulated recycle facility we have, and continue, to invest heavily in protecting our environment. By utilizing covered buildings and storage areas we not only protect our parts we also prevent contamination of ground water and other potential environmental risks. We even recover and recycle motor vehicle fluids such as fuel, oil, Freon and anti-freeze.

Our vehicle processing methodologies facilitate the removal of reusable vehicle components that are cleaned, tested, inventoried and stored in warehouses and storage areas for future sale to auto body shops, repair facilities and individuals.  The remaining skeletons of the vehicles are then crushed and recycled by scrap processors for the remaining material recycling.

We Don't Deal In Junk

Our recycled parts are not junk! These parts end up in our facilities as a result of accidents that render the vehicle as unusable for safety reasons.  Through our recycling efforts those parts that are reusable give new life to vehicles that might otherwise be rendered useless or unsafe as a result of minor accidents or mechanical failures. 

We Probably Have The Part You Need

We provide engines, transmissions, body parts, axles, tires, radios, mirrors, batteries and nearly every other internal and external component of a vehicle.  With our inventory of in excess of 150,000 parts, over 205,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 50 acres in three Virginia locations including Stafford, Fredericksburg and Tidewater, we are able to offer top quality components for nearly all makes and models of vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years.


The entire M&M Auto Parts Team is dedicated and committed to the growth of the automotive recycling industry through refined processes and the use of the latest technologies.

It is our belief that by conducting business and treating our customers in a moral and ethical manner we can not only enhance their experience but provide them with the most cost effective solution to their automotive repair requirements.  By utilizing recycled automotive components our customers are helping us in reducing the environmental footprint we all leave upon our earth.

We not only want your personal experience to exceed your expectations but we also want you to share those experiences with family and friends.  Whether you purchase an accessory or an engine we want your experience to be one you want to share.